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I went on a recent Hiatus, but it really wasn't a hiatus, it was just a hiatus from Newgrounds. During which, I made music. New music. I delved into a new genre: Complextro, which currently is what I'm working on, along side some dubstep, however, I do stray back every now and then to Hands-up and Hardcore music, sometimes to trance. I've kind of gotten better, at least in my opinion, and because of it, I feel I'm ready to start posting music again. I'm sure there a lot out there probably thinking "Oh, great, he's going to post some more of his lame music" and I am, only because I feel like I want to start sharing again to a wider audience than just my friends and family. Well, that's it. Thanks for the listen! Happy trails!

Update on current self. Nothing too important.

2011-12-31 04:29:32 by DeathCross555

Well, it's getting to 2012. Just thought I'd post this little note here: I'm a busy man. I have a Small life now, so I really can't find the time to post music. Probably why I went on a small hiatus. That... Or I've just given up on the shit. Never really can think of new songs anymore, and when I do, I often can't get them out correctly. They play in my head, but rarely can I put them on paper, or EVEN play them due to constant walls I run into. Oh well, not a big deal, I'm not too popular, so I don't give a shit. I'm just doing this to make myself feel better, I guess. Anyhow, I probably WILL put music up, when I can, IF I can. I'm currently on a Christmas/New-Years Vacation, so that's probably why I found the time to practice a little. Plus, a long lost relative came back to lil' Ohio, and he and I may start a small band, if it's possible. First, I admit, I have to pick myself out of this rut I found myself in. I guess you could say I'm just emotionally and mentally exhausted, close to insanity. Depression you think? I don't know, and really don't care APATHY. Look at me, I sound like some kind of angsty teenager emo kid. I thought I was OUT OF THAT PHASE But who give's a shit. Anywho, this is just a my way of clearing things up, letting those people who actually LIKE my music why I haven't posted, and those who don't like my music, that they need to put their ear muffs back in.



_-_****_-_****_-_****Help Wanted****_-_****_-_****_-_

2011-03-03 09:09:41 by DeathCross555

Yes. Deathcross need's help! For one, I'm tired of bland songs that are repetitive and such. Nextly, I've made a 40 or so second long "song" if you will. Now it's got a breakbeat and old-school feel to it, but I just couldn't continue onto it. Not only is it lacking in structure, but it lacks some nice Old-School lyrics.

Now, if anyone would be confident enough to be the singer and/or maybe even help with the structure it would be highly grateful. We could bounce back and forth with the song, each of us adding touches to it, until I deem it perfect! Then we can come up with some lyrics (Hopefully old-school lyrics, and I'd like a bit of humour into it) If you help me with this, you can post it on your page and all that, but remember, it was a team effort. Just comment below if you interested. And no... I won't pay you.

If you are to help me with this, please be sure you have Nexus, and plenty of the Vengeance sound packs. If you do not do this, it just might be useless for you. I don't have recording equipment, or else I'd just do it on my own. So, please leave a comment below, and we can start bouncing ideas off one another. Thank you for reading this, and if you comment with an offer, thank you even more, it would be greatly appreciated!


2011-01-18 06:57:44 by DeathCross555

Look here you! ALL of you! What is the deal with DOWNLOADING a song, but not reviewing?! For the sake of the god's, if you like the song let me fucking know it! Tell me what I need some improvement on! YOU COULD EVEN TELL ME HOW MUCH IT SUCKS! I don't give a shit, as long as it fucking helps me in improvement! Don't just download the damned thing! Tell me what it's like! I swear I get more downloads then reviews AND vote's COMBINED! If you're going to FUCKING download it, vote for it, and review it as well! THAT IS ALL! THANKS!!


2010-08-11 20:24:47 by DeathCross555

I'm surprised at the amount of time it took! I'm definitly satisfied with it! WHO WANTS CHIPS AND DIP?! TOO BAD! Any how, I appreciate the sig, and I'm definitly going to post more and be on here more often! I find this highly entertaining, plus it lets me pass my worthless life by in a good amount of time!

Allllright, folks, seeing as how I'm new to this joint, let me say one thing. I am an Anarchist. Chaotic Neutral. I go by my own rules, and that's that. No telling me what to do, know saying your better than me, and most of all, NOT SPAMMING MY GOD DAMN PAGE! My rules are what I go by. Don't like? I don't care! I'm loud, obnoxious and most all very easy to piss off, however, I'm a very nice person, who's friendly to everyone, very funny, and I have a wonderfully opened mind for the new and unusual! I'm way into music, and any music is fine to me! As long as you don't PISS ME OFF, me and you will get along just fine! I also enjoy long walks on the beach line... Wait I don't live any where NEAR water.... FUCK THE BEACH! I like long walks down the street with my homies, yo! Wait... I'm not gangsta either.... OH FUCKING WELL! I still walk down the street, armed to the teeth with big shiny pointy things! You have any questions? Comment this post! Don't like my philosophy? Tell me! Not like I'll care!

To tell you the truth, I don't even like going by proper grammar! It takes up way too much time! FUK TEH GRAMER! ILL FUKEN TOLK LIKE THES!!! Nah, not really. I'm quite the grammar nazi. I may not be perfect, but I honestly try to get my grammar right. So, now that we got all this straightened out, I think it's time I become aquainted with all the little people of this site. HI PEOPLE! IM DEATHCROSS555!!