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I'm from a small town in Ohio, where I currently spend my time filling out applications for jobs, and in the spare time, practicing on my keyboard and messing around with more music. That's the gist of it.

31, Male

Currently Unemployed

Have a High School education

Ohio, USA

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I went on a recent Hiatus, but it really wasn't a hiatus, it was just a hiatus from Newgrounds. During which, I made music. New music. I delved into a new genre: Complextro, which currently is what I'm working on, along side some dubstep, however, I do stray back every now and then to Hands-up and Hardcore music, sometimes to trance. I've kind of gotten better, at least in my opinion, and because of it, I feel I'm ready to start posting music again. I'm sure there a lot out there probably thinking "Oh, great, he's going to post some more of his lame music" and I am, only because I feel like I want to start sharing again to a wider audience than just my friends and family. Well, that's it. Thanks for the listen! Happy trails!

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